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” Your age doesn’t define your maturity, Your grades don’t define your intellect,
& rumors don’t define who you are”

– Ruchi Prabhu

About Me

Ruchi Prabhu being an author of multiple genre like Business/Management, Fiction and Short reads she has contributed extensively to the world of finance with her publication appearing in various national and international research journals. She is also a national award winner and her books has garnered massive response from all over the world and also have been featured in media houses of international repute.

Books Published


SPSS is just a cakewalk for researchers

Haven’t you ever, at one time or another, thought of writing a research paper, doing a PhD or achieving a position in corporate world like Research Analyst/Researcher/Research Managers? If “Yes”, then this book is only for you.


The Gift

“The Gift” is just about my share of experiencing romance, hatred, longing and drops the most. An individual observes a bunch to pick up the nuisance of personalities and relationship dynamics of those around him/her.

Short Read

My Pawfect Friend

After his brother death Rohit had never planned to get encounter with dogs as he always thought it was the dog fault for the brother death but, when the so called destiny had been so kind to us?


Love is in the Library where they always meet, Through the books they talk Today She picked out, “Can You walk in my Life Again?” While He picked, “Of Course, I Love You.”
Whenever I slow down a little and just look into your eyes, I still feel that spark of fire that first brought us close, And then I hear the whisper in my heart that first told me, "We were made for each other".
He was the first one to attend her funeral The last WhatsApp message he had sent her still lay in her unread notification “I wish I never see your face again.”
“I Love You” he confessed. Blue Ticks “And You?” He texted back again A single Grey tick gave him his answer.


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The Asian Chronicle

Book “The Gift” got listed in Literature section of The Asian Chronicle

The Times of India

Book “The Gift” got featured in Leisure section of The Times of India / Hyderabad Times

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Interview with Chirdeep Malhotra on books, my writing journey published in Books and Author section of The News Now Newspaper

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